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Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2017

Although I stopped in Seoul to visit my grandma and family, Seoul Fashion Week was also going on. It was a pleasant surprise that the timing was impeccable. I would’ve inevitably found out though, since Dongdaemun was in my top places to visit in Seoul. The allure of Seoul’s fashion industry is impossible to miss.

“Damn, people here really care about clothes and know how to dress well.”

South Korea is a high paced, highly competitive society and I can see how people are on trend quicker than Yeezy drops selling out. The fashion scene in Seoul is sophisticated and fun, ranging in highly curated street styles to European styles. Innovative designers concoct modern Korean aesthetics with trending global styles at the blink of an eye. I was consumed by it, Korean Fashion devoured me. 

Seoul Fashion Week unofficially commenced with Seoul Fashion Festival at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. It was a mix of up and fashion runways and musicians ( mainly Korean rappers ) on the stage.

From jumping on crowded subways to Seoul Fashion Week at the DDP(Dongdaemun Design Plaza), there was a vivacious, active group of fashionable Korean bloggers, photographers, models, and designers.

Seoul and Seoul Fashion Week was very inspiring! 

I’ll definitely go back in Spring. :)

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